Who is Rump Wrapps?

Rump Wrapps is the brainchild of Stacy & Lelis Kaufman, who have been working out and exercising regularly for most of their lives.

Having spent nearly 32 years in the fitness industry and countless hours in the gym, they realized there was a need for women to have a better alternative to cover up their booty than wrapping a bulky sweatshirt around their waist while exercising.

Taking advantage of their expansive gym network to discuss, design and test their idea on hundreds of women who exercise, at all levels, they were able to successfully create the perfect workout accessory that allowed women to exercise with freedom of movement, while adding a little extra functional style to your workout.

The result was Rump Wrapps: A stylish, one-size-fits-most, easy to wear garment that all women can wear confidently.

Their Mission Statement is simple: Create the perfect workout garment designed for all women.

Rump Wrapps are athletically designed and constructed for exercise, running, hiking and most other sweaty pursuits, yet can be worn as a fashion cover up no matter what your day or evening has in store for you. From the gym to the streets, Rump Wrapps has you covered!